This Page Is Under Construction

I'm in the process of adding sections for my finished and ongoing projects. Stay tuned for more content, and check out a few of the WebGL demos while you're here.

About Me

My name is Galen Cochrane. My passion is creation. I've found many outlets for that passion during my formal education in Physics and Computer Science. One such outlet is computer graphics programming. Another is simulation. I use this site to display a few projects that fit conveniently into a webpage, or to talk about those that don't. I'm currently looking for new opportunities to work with other creators and engineers on the technology of tomorrow.

WebGL Demos

Some of these have texture rendering issues on macOS and iOS, but I don't own any apple hardware with which to test them. I haven't implemented any loading screens, so you may have to wait a few seconds for some of the textures to load. In short, these demos are most likely to work in Chrome or Firefox running Linux or Windows. Note that they are generally works in progress.


Real-time LiDAR Terrain Mapping

I got to work on a research project out of Idaho State University with the goal of mapping terrain using a drone equipped with a LiDAR sensor. I worked with the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm and the LOAM algorithm, a variant of SLAM. I also got to help put together the embedded systems that would run our software. I had a lot of fun with it, and was able to present our research at three different statewide conferences. Funding came in part from the NSF Idaho EPSCoR Program and by the National Science Foundation under award number IIA-1301792.

A poster we presented